HAVw A6 Juggernaut

By Lukas - The Brick Puke

I present to you the HAVw A6 Juggernaut, or more commonly known as the Clone Turbo Tank. This monster of machine was primarily used by the Galactic Republic but later saw shorter service under the Galactic Empire. It was a reliable and deadly weapon and became mostly famous for participating in the battle at Kachirho beach on Kashyyyk.

This custom model contains 7190 Lego pieces with a little bit over 450 unique parts. To be able to make these 7000+ pieces take the shape of the juggernaut you will have to take the aide of a 1400-step manual. It includes the instructions for the whole build along with two wheel designs you can choose from. With the purchase of this manual you also get the parts lists for the tank along with free instruction access to any future updates I do to the model. If any questions or constructive criticism pops up while building feel free to email me at [email protected]

This is a custom model and it is recommended builders have previous experience with building LEGO models and can easily handle LEGOs own instructions. The Juggernaut is extremely sturdy throughout the whole model, with the weakest point being the wheels. With the instructions there is an updated version of the wheels included that handle the weight of the Juggernaut’s body much better. If you plan on rolling the tank I recommend you build that design. But I personally still don’t recommend you drive it. This is primarily a design for displaying and not for playing with, although it does have a couple of cool functions to it. Here is a full showcase video.


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The XML parts list is available here. Here is our video tutorial to import the XML parts list to Bricklink.

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