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Masked Builder

LAN Ambassador

"Hello, I'm Caleb. I've been building with LEGO since about 2002. If I think something is interesting I will take a stab at building it. As a result I have dabbled in many themes. I've built everything from 14-wide cars, replica weapons, Star Wars ships, to more fantasy style builds. I use flickr some, but it's easier to find my stuff at Brickworld Chicago every year."

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Board Member, Design Lead, and Web Admin

Spencer is in charge of RebelLUG's graphics and design needs as well as maintaining the website. Spencer is a co-founder.

"What's up, everyone! The LEGO community's been a significant part of the majority of my life thus far and I'm so glad I belong to it. YouTube's definitely my favorite place though (no offense Flickr, Insta, or Reddit crowd), and it's where it all started for me, so I try and focus as much on making LEGO videos as making the MOCs themselves. In addition to LEGO, I'm into filmmaking and computer science, so I try and bring both of those to the LEGO-sphere best I can."

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Board Member and Operations Lead

Noah is responsible for organizing, managing, and leading a committee related to the logistics of LUG assets, such as sponsorship material or bulk product ordering.

"Hello there, I’m Noah! Using this artistic medium loved by many, I assemble models and scenes from mostly the science fiction realm, primarily Star Wars with some recent dabbles into Cyberpunk. Additionally, I also bring my creations to a number of conventions around the world, Bricking Bavaria, BrickWorld Chicago and Skærbæk Fan Weekend to name a few. As a member of RebelLUG, I run operations like the 2HR Monthly Challenge and coordinate European RL convention gatherings."

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Brickbuilt Replicas

"I'm a California-based Lego builder who recreates video game weapons in 1:1 scale, and loves the color purple. Many of my builds rely upon cool functionality and movable parts, as well as recently branching out to figure building. "

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"Hey, I’m Joe! I’ve been building with LEGO most of my life but really got more into the hobby after graduating college in 2019. I enjoy building all sorts of different themes and styles, but my favorite is forced perspective builds. Outside of LEGO, I’m a software developer, Christian, banjo player, and calisthenics enthusiast. "

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Collab Lead and Community Engagement Lead

Jet is a collaboration leader, responsible for cultivating engagement with fans of the group, and managing the RebelLUG YouTube channel.

"Yes, Jet is actually my name, and I joined RebelLUG in August of 2019. I don't specialize in any one specific building theme or style, as I enjoy trying out a wide variety of concepts. Most of my LEGO content ends up on YouTube, as the video format adds an extra layer of creativity and complexity. Outside of LEGO, I've continued developing an interest in film, as well as athletics such as swimming and triathlons. Most importantly, RebelLUG is easily my favorite thing that I'm involved with and I'm excited to continue my membership in the group."

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First Order Lego

Social Media Curator

Luka is responsible for currating the RebelLUG feed and managing our presense on social media.

"This is Luka, I'm an active MOC builder known for my mid scale Star Wars dioramas, but I do meddle in other themes quite often. I post on most social medias, but YouTube is my main focus. You have probably seen some of my building timelapses on there. I've been building since I was a kid and never stopped. Currently I study visual design in Croatia, but I'm a born Aussie. Conventions with the LUG are always year hightlights :D"

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"Hello, my name is Tommy and I'm an AFOL from the US. I've been building with legos for just about as long as I can remember and joined Flickr in 2012. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and fantasy and I love being able to create stories with my builds. Most of my builds revolve around a Clone Wars RPG that I help run with Legion Dude over on flickr, but I'll build just about what ever I'm feeling inspired by. Usually I stick to small 16x16 vignette style builds, but occasionally I'll work on something bigger. My other interests include, Warhammer, history, studying for college and just about anything military."

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[Intense Potato]

"I’m an AFOL from Maryland currently studying architecture at Pratt Institute in NYC! LEGO has been a massive part of my life since I can remember, and I love exploring the spaces one may overlook in my builds. Whether those spaces are the overgrown side streets of a quaint town or the peaceful roads winding around a grassy field, I strive to create builds that are both familiar and new! I have lots of experience organizing and contributing to collaborative builds and I can’t wait to work with the RebelLUG gang on some. Thanks for reading! :)"

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A Brick Interest

"I'm an International relations student at OU and a modern military builder in lego. I've been in the community for over a decade, my biggest inspiration has always been The Purge group on flickr. Most of what I do is based off of old ways of building factions and crearing storylines for my builds that used to be so popular back on flickr. Outside of lego I lift and I am a combat engineer in the army."

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"Hey everyone, my name is Alec. I'm an AFOL that primarily builds Star Wars and Sci-fi MOCs. I build with Lego because I enjoy the challenge it presents. Recreating or designing something new, given the limitations of Lego, is what keeps me coming back. I joined RebelLUG since it is an active community of builders who share common interests. I usually attend Brickworld Chicago and you can find me on Flickr. Happy building everyone!"

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Brick Ninja

"Hi, I am Kevin (Brick Ninja) and I love creating my own Lego builds. I work mostly on Star Wars and a variety of Castle/Fantasy themes; including Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, and Final Fantasy. My online presence is mostly on Flickr and Instagram. When not at work I spend most of my time building and reading, with occasionally drawing and playing videogames."

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Brick Tale Studios

" My name’s Matt! I’m a LEGO fan and stop motion animator from Chicago, Illinois, otherwise known as Brick Tale Studios on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. I’ve been building with Lego all my life and I’ve been creating Lego stop motion animations (also known as brickfilms) since 2009. Most of my brickfilms are based on franchises like Star Wars and Halo, however lately I’ve been building a lot of 1:48 scale trains my local LEGO train club. When I’m not busy building or animating, I’m probably gaming, out with friends, or just cruisin’ around in my Mustang."

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Classical Bricks

"Hi, I'm Timothy! You may also know me as Classical Bricks on Flickr and Instagram. I most enjoy building medieval and Middle-Earth creations in addition to a variety of other themes, or whatever inspires me. I enjoy building large dioramas, small detailed scenes, and everything inbetween. I also love collaborating with other builders and attending LEGO conventions."

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CRCT Productions

"Hey, my name is Andrew Cazenave-Tapie, I'm a French AFOL currently studying Aerospace engineering. As a long time Star Wars fan I mostly build large/medium scale vehicles and scenes from all types of source materials (legends and canon). I generally try to keep them as accurate as possible while adding some original elements from my own. You can always find me searching for new ways of using certain pieces and new techniques to use in my MOCs."

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Daniel Barwegen

"I'm an AFOL from Canada. I started off on Youtube building only Star Wars MOCs, but over the last few years I have tried my hand at many different themes. As an architecture student many of my mocs have been focused around buildings, from Dutch architecture and modern house designs to post-apocalyptic wastelands."

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"My name is Alexander and I am a lego enthusiast from Germany. I specialized in building Star Wars Mocs but I am also doing other themes like Apoc, Cyberpunk and Military. I get my inspiration mostly from Movies, Books or Pictures. I joined the online Lego community in 2017."

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Elven Ranger

Collab Lead

Caleb is a collaboration leader.

"Hey there, I’m Caleb! I am a pilot-in-training who loves the LEGO brick. Some of my favorite themes include; the Hobbit + the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I really like building rockwork and I try to add as much detail as possible into my builds."

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"Hello, my name is Eli Willsea and I have been building with LEGO since.. well... I kinda forget. You can find me building in all sorts of themes and scales but I particularly love microscale. I love a good challenge and usually am participating in contests. I love to collaborate and attend conventions when I am able. My favorite LEGO theme is Aqua Raiders. Other than LEGO I also play frisbee, make videos, and enjoy a good board game. Oh and my main account is Grant Davis."

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"Owner of Rogue Brick Builders’ Lounge in Fort Worth TX. "

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Guy Smiley

"I'm Peter, AKA Guy Smiley on Flickr and more recently, YouTube. I joined Flickr and began my online building career in August 2012. I have built in many different themes, but my favorites are the various subthemes within science-fiction. I began my YouTube channel in 2018 as another place to share my MOCs and grow a new audience. I have since branched out into making other types of LEGO related content. I'm from San Diego California and am a student at San Diego State University majoring in biology. When I'm not building LEGO or making videos I'm either studying or surfing, which has become my other favorite thing to do. "

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Hacim Bricks

"Hello, my name's Micah. I have been a fan of LEGO pretty much my entire life, though I'm currently a college student, so I don't get the chance to build as often as I would like. I don't have any specific theme I like to build in, but I do enjoy building models from my favorite TV shows. I've been a member of the online LEGO community since 2013 and mainly use Flickr, though I also have an Instagram.""

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Hypolite Bricks

"Hey my name is Abe! I am a builder from Minnesota who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. I have been building LEGO since I was three years old. I took a small break from LEGO during high school and college. Immediately after graduating college I started building more and becoming more active on Youtube, Flickr, and Instagram. I really starting working on my craft which landed me at RebelLug. I mainly build Star Wars MOCs because I love the lore of Star Wars so much. I am also very interested in building Cyberpunk MOCs and will occasionally challenge myself with new themes if I have the time. My other interests outside of LEGO include writing, film, animation, video editing, and soccer! "

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Jako of Nerogue

"Hi I am Joel, I am a Christian builder from Texas. I Generally build either Castle or fantasy mocs but I will occasionally venture out and make something from another genre. Outside of Lego you will probably find me working on school, playing Basketball, or messing around on Age of Empires. "

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"Hello there, my name is Jan and I’m an AFOL from Switzerland. After a long break from LEGO, I joined the community in early 2020 and joined RebelLUG the following fall. I mainly build Star Wars related MOCs, but sometimes I dive into other themes, like science fiction, medieval, or fantasy. I like to participate in collabs, RPGs and attend conventions."

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"I have been posting my MOC's on Flickr since 2011, mainly building Clone Wars vignettes but dabbling in modern/futuristic military stuff as well. Most of my builds are contributions to the 253rd Legion RPG group, where I'm also an admin. I study Earth Science at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. "

the man Legofin. Profile Picture


"I joined the Lego community in 2012 and have mostly been active since then, I build from various themes, including but not limited to Cyberpunk, Star Wars, general sci-fi-iness, and in the past castle. Although I still prefer Flickr, I’m currently more active on Instagram."

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"Hey, my name is Hugo! I'm a young french engineer living in England since 2 years and I should move to Canada or somewhere else soon. I started back to be in Lego seriously when I arrived in the UK (after a 14 years break). A Star Wars set brought me back and since then it is my main theme of build even if I try to mix it with historical theme such as the ancient Greece or the middle age.... As I'm moving a lot it can be hard for me to keep up the pace as I don't have my Lego collection with me every time and it can be hard for me to find the time to build but I'm doing my best to post content regularly!"

the man LegoHobbitFan Profile Picture


"My name is Caleb Huet, although I go by LegoHobbitFan in the Lego community. I am a Christian TFOL, and my favorite themes to build in are castle and fantasy, although I'll build just about anything."

the man Legomania Profile Picture


"Hey, I’m James! I’m a builder from Oregon who builds in a very wide variety of themes, with the main themes and things I build being sci-fi, mechs,, apoc and scenes. I’m always trying to expand what I build, so it’s not uncommon to see lots of other stuff from me too as I experiment. Outside of LEGO, I have many other interests and hobbies, including volunteering at my church, listening to music, photography, sports, as well as hiking and other outdoor activities. I try to stay as active as I can in the community, going to my local conventions of Bricks Cascade and BrickCon, and I'm always happy to chat online!"

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"My name is Kaleb and I'm from Norway. I have built with lego my entire life. Aside from building with lego I love watching movies and playing videogames, which is what most of my builds are based of."

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Luca s projects

"Hey, my name is Luca. I'm a builder from Germany, these days I'm mostly focused on recreating Star Wars vehicles in LEGO. I joined the community back in 2017 on Flickr and have been building ever since. It usually takes me ages to finish projects but sometimes I also participate in contests and challenges. I attend a few conventions as well, mostly here in Germany. You can find my builds on my Flickr account."

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"I'm Michael. I've been on Flickr since 2010 and RebelLUG since 2020. I cut my teeth building cyberpunk and apocalego, and am a serial Brickfair attendee. I'm also an architect in the state of Pennsylvania. I love this community and all the friends I've made along the way."

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Mountain Hobbit

"Hi, my name is Jake and I'm a Lego builder from Oregon. I've made a lot of fantasy/castle creations in the past, but recently I have enjoyed branching out and just building whatever inspires my creativity. "

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"Hey, I’m Finn. Lego is one of the many things I do to pass the time in the small Alaskan town of Talkeetna. Other than that I spend most of my time dirt biking up and down a highway (very fun) and downhill skiing. Peace."

the man Nick Brick Profile Picture

Nick Brick

"There's no higher praise for the realism of a LEGO weapon build than Chicago comic-con security confiscating it."

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"Hey, my name is Olav, and I’m a LEGO builder from Norway. I got back into LEGO building around early 2016 and since then I’ve been very active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Flickr and Youtube. I love sharing pictures of my creations not only when they’re completed, but also during the building process. My field of expertise has grown to become Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, but I also enjoy building MOCs based on themes like Pirates and Castle."

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Packer 221

"Hey, I’m Drew. I tend to build on the smaller side when it comes to MOCs, which are usually Star Wars themed. What time in the hobby I don’t spend building is dedicated to the seemingly endless process of sorting my parts collection."

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Board Member

"Hey hey! I'm Simon from Canada, eh. I've kinda done a bit of every type of building at this point, but my favorite themes are Sci-Fi and my specialties are Drones/Mechs. I tend to be involved a lot within the LEGO community: running and competing in many contests/challenges, including being involved with many of RebelLUG's contests/challenges. "

the man Simulterious Profile Picture


"Mark here, I enjoy making all sorts of things – from dragons and sky ships to distant worlds and so much more! I’m mainly on Flickr and Instagram. I enjoy working on RebelLUG collaborations and projects. Planning on attending more conventions, catch you there!"

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"Hi! My name is Sondre and I’m from Norway. I build mostly larger LEGO Star Wars MOCs. My favorite part of Star Wars has to be the Clone Wars. Why I like LEGO so much, is because I love to create stuff and tell my own story. The attention to detail is one of my favorite things about LEGO and what you can recreate with the bricks. I joined RebelLUG in early 2019 and I have grown so much as a builder after that. I’ve also got a lot of new friends in the LEGO community. "

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Spartan Bricks

"Howdy! My name is Peter, and I’m an AFOL from Texas. I’ve been building with LEGO since I was 5 years old and as I have grown up, have grown more captivated by the unlimited creative potential unlockable with LEGO. My chosen career of aerospace engineering has been inspired significantly by my passion for Star Wars and the exploration of space, a passion mirrored in my builds, which are commonly Star Wars scenes. I also enjoy building historical, castle, pirate, and generic space themes, among other things; often simply whatever has captured my imagination at the moment. I plan to perpetually deepen my creative & design skills through LEGO, and with my own creations hope to inspire others to realize their own creative potential. Maranatha!"

the man T.C.A Production Profile Picture

T.C.A Production

"Hi! I’m an AFOL from France, and a big fan of Star Wars more precisely in the themes The Clone Wars and The Old Republic. I started building MOCs in 2017 and I opened my Bricklink store, named Alphus Store, in 2020. "

the man The Brick Puke Profile Picture

The Brick Puke

"Hello, my name is Lukas, otherwise known by my strange Lego username The Brick Puke . I'm a Swedish custom Lego builder who primarily focuses on different types of Star Wars vehicles. I've been a part of the Lego online community for about 4 years now, but my interest in Lego stretches back far longer than that. "

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WG Productions

"Hi people! My name is Wout a.k.a. WG Productions on Flickr and Instagram. I'm a LEGO builder from Belgium. I have been a LEGO fan for as long as I can remember. I started Flickr back in 2012 and still upload my creations there today! The theme I build the most is Star Wars, but from time to time I also try out other themes that interest me. I just love LEGO in general for the creativity and possibilities you have with it. Keep building everyone!"