What is RebelLUG?

RebelLUG is a team of talented LEGO MOC builders and passionate community members who seek to both work together and impact the community they exist in for as many FOLs as possible.

Since our founding in 2015, we have grown to 54 members across 13 countries. Our members are individual creators who share their work on YouTube, Flickr, and Instagram, but as a group we work together on larger collaborative builds both online and at conventions across the world. We also work with sponsors and The LEGO Group to give back and host contests for the online LEGO community we all belong to.

The countries RebelLUG members are from on a global map

The 253rd Legion Mission 20 Public Event

The 253rd Elite Legion is a LEGO Star Wars RPG that's normally closed to the public and requires an application. But that's all changing before the RPG's complete reset with Mission 20: "For the Republic!"

This public event is open to anyone in the RebelLUG FOL Hangout Discord server. There's many exciting prompts to choose from until the mission comes to a close at the end of February.

253rd Elite Legion Mission 20 Public Event poster

Our Discord Server

RebelLUG also has an active, public Discord server for fans of LEGO (FOLs) to meet each other, talk about LEGO, participate in building challenges, and share work in progress builds for feedback from RebelLUG members and other FOLs.

Recent Member Work

RebelLUG members are constantly working on new LEGO projects. This is a live feed from our Flickr group. Our Instagram page is also a good place to stay up to date with their latest MOCs.