How To Join RebelLUG

RebelLUG is a private, online LEGO User Group. All prospective members go through the application process detailed on this page, as we don’t invite new members.

The application process may vary at conventions that RebelLUG is present at. If you’re attending one of those conventions, contact an attending RebelLUG member to organize an in-person interview.

In addition to reviewing your written application and submitted MOCs, we like to get to know our applicants personally through our public Discord server. This is also where we get to hangout with other FOLs (fans of LEGO) through the chat and the voice call channel. You can join by clicking “connect” on the Discord panel.

How To Apply

  • Fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Join our public Discord server by clicking "connect" on the Discord panel.

What We're Looking For

  • Our most important criteria is building skill. Bring your A-game when it comes to MOC quality. Detail, originality, ambition, and overall impressiveness will strongly increase your chances for admission.
  • RebelLUG strives to serve the community it lives in. Ideal members are looking to help RebelLUG grow its presence and act as an infrastrure in the online LEGO community by volunteering their time. Examples of RebelLUG's current work include organizing our free-to-enter contests and the FOL Hangout Discord server challenges.
  • You should have a social media presence of some kind. This doesn’t necessarily mean a big following, or uploading things on the daily, but those things could help. RebelLUG just expects some activity on at least one social media platform, like YouTube, Flickr, Twitch, or Instagram.
  • Activity in the online LEGO community is important to us. We are looking for members who are going to actively participate in collaborations, contribute to meetings, and engage with the community. It’s great for your application if members already know who you are. Interacting with members in and out of the FOL Hangout chat helps a lot.
  • You should have high quality pictures and videos of your creations. This doesn’t require special equipment or investment. The effort to present your creations in the best light goes a long way.
  • Our bylaws should further outline how the LUG runs and what we expect of our members. Please aquaint yourself with these before you considering applying so you are aware of what is expected should you be accepted.

Our Voting Process

  • Our recruitment committee will evaluate your application. It will then decide based on a set of fair criteria as to who will be voted on at our next monthly meeting.
  • Our meetings usually happen on the second Saturday of each month.
  • Please try to submit your application at least 10 days before the upcoming meeting.
  • The RebelLUG members will then be given your application for them to personally review before the meeting, and then we discuss the applications during the meeting.
  • Voting is anonymous.
  • An applicant must receive at least 80% approval to be admitted.