Order 66

At the height of the Galactic Republic, the clones turned on the jedi. Order 66 identified all jedi as traitors to the Repbulic subject to immediate execution. The RebelLUG Order 66 collaboration depicts the iconic events that ensued. This collaboration was released online on April 2nd, 2017.

If you're interested in watching all the videos, you can check out the playlist on YouTube.

Palpatine's Arrest

By Spencer Hubert - LegoSpencer


By Alex - The Brick Den

Mygeeto Ki Adi Mundi's Death

By Victor - CDL Studios


By Daniel Barwegen - Daniel Barwegen

Plo Koon's Death

By Anders - Alcloneproductions


By Luka - First Order Lego


By Josh - LegoLogical


By Eli Willsea - ForlornEmpire

Jedi Council Room

By Josh - BrickMaster Productions

Separatist Slaughter

By Danny Dirienzo - Lego Buff Productions

Palpatine VS Yoda

By Noah - h2brick

Duel on Mustafar

By Kris - Krisproductions