KOTOR Ebon Hawk

By Andrew Cazenave-Tapie - CRCT Productions

The Dynamic-Class Freighter better known as the Ebon Hawk was the space ship used by Revan and the famous jedi Bastila Shan to travel around the galaxy in the attempt of defeating former apprentice Malak who had become a very powerful sith lord. This ship was featured on the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. This Model composed of 3179 pieces has a detailed and accurate outside that mixes many building techniques. This model also has a full interior that can be accessed by opening the side panels and removing the top of the hull. The interior includes a cockpit with four sits, a communications area, the main hold, two barracks, two cargo holds, an engine room, a deployable boarding ramp, a small medical area and the turret access which can be uncovered by removing the detachable main turret on the top. On top of that, it includes a display stand with a custom UCS plaque (custom sticker included with instructions) and two minifigures: Carth Onasi and T3-M4.


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