The Laceropes Mission

The Laceropes Mission is an original Star Wars story by RebelLUG like no other LEGO collaboration project before. It is proudly sponsored by AV Figures, who helped us create Validus Squad, a four member clone squad of completly custom LEGO minifigures. The squad was available for purchase in limited quantites from AV Figures.

This collaboration was premiered at Brickworld Chicago 2019 and released entirely online on June 22nd, 2019.

If you're interested in watching the entire series, check out the YouTube playlist of all 10 episodes.

Thank you to Beyond the Brick for covering the collaboration and interviewing us as well!

Base Camp

By Anders - Alcloneproductions

Command Log Entry 0001

“Validus squad landed on Laceropes and met up with the base camp a little over two hours ago. The Republic’s campaign on Laceropes has been underway for over two standard weeks and we’re headed to their base, located in a small town in what seems to be the remains of a temple. The mission summary stated the natives of Laceropes, groups of monks, had different factions defending them in this conflict. It’s believed that a Republic admiral, Admiral Oris Ski, was captured by a group of native allies and he’s potentially being tortured for information. Our mission is to bring him home or find out if he was killed.”

Monotonous March

By Noah - h2brick

Command Log Entry 0002

“The data analysts pointed toward a monk temple 16 klicks north. We’ll need to keep extreme cover throughout our probe, so we have quite a long walk ahead of us. The reason for this campaign has become more apparent as we’ve traveled. These lacertosus crystals are everywhere, mostly located in ravines that run like veins across the planet’s surface. Chancellor Palpatine personally made it clear that mining them and the taking control of the planet’s capitol was necessary to the war effort. We were cleared to execute natives under any circumstances.”

Evacuation By Force

By Spencer Hubert - LegoSpencer

Command Log Entry 0003

“The next town up is a similar sight to what we witnessed upon landing. A platoon of clones is currently trying to force a group of monks out of their temple by burning it to the dirt. Part of the mission summary claimed we need show little mercy for the people of Laceropes after their complete refusal to negotiate for the mining of lacertosus. The Republic was left with no choice but to take it by force.”

Revolt at the Mine

By Wyatt - wmxproductions

Command Log Entry 0004

“Republic strip mining tanks were halted by a massive ambush from one of the native factions. The trail left behind the mining machines is a wasteland. This was why Laceropes was so resistant to negotiation for mining privileges. Regardless, we had to retreat in order to get out of being involved in the battle with those ambushing natives. We’ll let the clones on regular patrol duty take care of that and we’ll find another way through.”

In The Dark

By Caleb Walker - Elven Ranger

Command Log Entry 0005

“We’ve entered an abandoned mineshaft below the surface. The cavern is massive; some of the old mining equipment is still here. Most of the lacertosus mines are collapsed from such intense strip mining. It decimates the surface of the planet when it finally does collapse, but this one appears to be safe for the time being. We need to get past enemy lines as the battle above is too chaotic to do that safely.”

Behind Enemy Lines

By Olav - Norlego

Command Log Entry 0006

“We’ve arrived at the temple provided by intel. Admiral Oris Ski is hopefully somewhere inside. We’ll continue scans from the outside to locate any prison blocks but the temple is massive and truly gorgeous. Intricate lights and patterns make up its walls. It’ll be a shame to cut through the east side. All the life forms appear to be on the top floor, but there are most likely droids roaming the lower ones. We’ll need to lay low as we travel upwards.”

Dawn of Betrayal

By Drew - Packer 221

Command Log Entry 0007

“We’ve found Admiral Oris Ski! He’s currently in custody, but his damage is done. He’s a deserter! When we discovered him in what I would describe as the penthouse of the temple, he was sharing information about the Republic’s war effort on Laceropes with monks, faction commanders, and a Separatist senator! Held at blaster-point, the monks were pleased to offer a speeder for our travel back to the Republic base camp.”

The City Walls

By Lukas - The Brick Puke

Command Log Entry 0008

“Separatist fleets have extracted from battles in surrounding systems. This probably means they’re converging here on Laceropes, but the Republic will continue its campaign to the capitol. Sustaining heavy losses, forces have reached the main entrance to the city, where they’re currently scaling the walls. In an interrogation with Admiral Oris Ski, he stated, ‘The Republic’s war crimes on Laceropes are appalling. Hopefully the people of Laceropes can form an alliance with the Separatists. Maybe it’ll encourage the Republic to leave this territory that’s held so sacred to the natives.’”

Guerrilla Warfare

By Everette Howard - A Brick Interest

Command Log Entry 0009

“The guerilla tactics displayed by the native factions are disgusting. Dozens of clones have been lost in the streets of the capital. Normally this sort of push would be far cleaner, but we are strapped for time. Further Republic intelligence has confirmed that Separatists forces are en route to Laceropes to end our campaign for the capitol. Chancellor Palpatine also ordered Admiral Oris Ski’s immediate execution for desertion after he heard of his rebellious, anti-Republic rhetoric. A brilliant mind lost to ideologies...”

Siege of the Capital

By Luka - First Order Lego

Command Log Entry 0010

“The Separatists entered orbit only a standard hour ago and Chancellor Palpatine has ALREADY ordered our withdrawal from Laceropes. It’s certainly a change of heart after how crucial he emphasized our control of the planet was only a few standard days ago. It was already very strange for him to be so engaged in such a small battle. The Separatists will now control Laceropes almost exclusive supply of lacertosus crystals. Regardless, mission accomplished, by definition.”