Kingdoms at War

Kingdoms at War was our first attempt at a collaboration or contest that wasn't Star Wars-related. The premise was that two kings, or teams (red and blue), were at war. The different collaborating members were assigned to a team, red or blue, and the overall quality of the builds from that team would decide which side won. We had the public vote on who the victor was.

Chapter -1- [BLUE] "Castle ruins skirmish"

By Aasmund Gabestad Nørsett - Northern Lego

Chapter -2- [RED] "Raid of the Salona Village"

By Luka - First Order Lego

Chapter -3- [BLUE] "Attack on Arionar Village"

By Olav - Norlego

Chapter -4- [RED] "Fortress of Batonn"

By Noah - h2brick

Chapter -5- [BLUE] "Storming Outpost Wineethel”

By Daniel Barwegen - Daniel Barwegen

Chapter -6- [RED] "Raid on the Kingdom Outskirts"

By Tristan - TrisBrick

Chapter -7- [BLUE] "Betrayal of Stone Lord in the Ruins of the Castshire Citadel"

By Kris - Krisproductions

Chapter -8- [RED] "Ambush on the Solveig Outskirts"

By Elijah - PeachBricks

Chapter -9- [BLUE] "Ambush on the Lothurien River"

By Bryce Dempsey - Brickbuilt Replicas

Chapter -10- [RED] "Swarming the Northern Gateway"

By Luka - First Order Lego

Chapter -11- [BLUE] "The Doom of Thirnion"

By Victor - CDL Studios

Chapter -12- [RED] "Cliffside Guardians"

By Anders - Alcloneproductions

Chapter -13- [BLUE] "Battle of Fafnirs keep"

By Emeth - e__meth

Chapter -14- [RED] "Confrontation at Malkyn Creek"

By Adam - CBBricks

Chapter -15- [BLUE] "Executions at Ciriko Lake"

By Caleb Walker - Elven Ranger

Chapter -16- [RED] "Defence of Darion Castle"

By Justinn Cialini - Crimson Bricks

Chapter -17- [BLUE] "Ambush in Dawnwick Forest"

By Drew - Packer 221

Chapter -18- [RED] "Rodania Camp Ambush"

By Noah - h2brick