Creations for Charity 2018 24-Hour Livestream

Beyond the Brick once more held the annual 24-hour livestream for Creations for Charity! Several RebelLUG members were able to participate this year.


"Tune in for 24 hours straight of LEGO talk, LEGO building, and even interviews with LEGO designers and community team members in Denmark." Joshua and John Hanlon, along with Boone Langston, hosted another fantastic livestream for 2018, encouraging many builders to interact with each other for a fun time. Jokes are shared, friendships are made, numerous LEGO questions and topics are discussed, cakes are baked and smashed in faces (thanks, Caden!)...all for charity!

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Throughout the 24-hour period, multiple RebelLUG members joined the livestream, including: Nick, Micah, Nathaniel, Noah, Grant, and Simon. Some of us stopped in just to say hi and support the stream, others were working on some current LEGO projects while connecting with other builders from around the world. As Joshua Hanlon put it, the livestream is a form of "family reunion" for many builders. It's truly always a blast! The entire livestream is on Beyond the Brick's YouTube channel, and could work really well as a form of podcast to listen and enjoy while building your next MOC!

Just because the livestream is over, doesn't mean you can't still donate to this great cause! Creations for Charity is still accepting donations until the end of the month. You can donate custom items to be sold in their Bricklink store, or make another form of donation! All the proceeds go towards purchasing LEGO for kids in need this holiday season.

Check out for more information on this incredible charity!

Thanks to Joshua, John, and Boone. Get good rest, now!

Nathaniel (NS Brick Designs)