Building the Jedi Temple

Part 3


After about three months of building the Jedi Temple I finished its base, parts of the outside walls as well as the interior.

As you can see in this picture quite a bit of the front part is done – the temples silhouette is showing more and more. For scale I put a Stormtrooper next to it (sadly, I couldn’t find any LEGO bananas for better comparison). At the time of the picture the temple reached about 2/3 of its height. Especially challenging was balancing stability and room on the inside. As I wanted to cramp in as much as possible (Jedi Archives, Holocron chambers, iconic hallway and the Jedi Council) it became clear that I would need a lot space. However, since the Jedi Temple was meant to be my largest MOC to date, the huge outside walls would need a lot of support structure on the inside in order to withstand possible attacks by the Confederation.

In this photo you can clearly see how much space I had to leave between outside walls and interior walls. A large part of the interior is dedicated to the hallway which stretches from the entrance to the Jedi Archives. Leveled up it is covered in dark tan and dark bluish grey tiles and the iconic pillars are set up.

blog picture description

Originally, these are completely round which obviously makes it quite hard to replicate in LEGO. I opted for this model which still gives it somewhat of a round look but does not make any tradeoffs in terms of stability, as other, more complicated and roundish options would’ve suffered from. Generally, the interior is dominated by many symmetric elements. I tried to stick closely with the references from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the trilogy, but also had to come up with some of my own ideas how the temple might look on the inside. For instance the middle part between the sloped pillars on the side of the entrance is not from any movie or show, but my idea. Generally, I found it quite hard to detail the inside walls, since I was very limited in their overall appearance. If I would’ve moved them more inwards or backwards for instance, much needed space on the inside would’ve been decreased or the outside walls would become an issue, since they were meant to be symmetrical on all four sides of the temple. Overall, I’m quite happy with the progress so far. The biggest challenge though will arrive at the end: The roof. I’m still not quite sure whether I’ll need extra support structure for the inside, besides the pillars, as it will be quite heavy. Fully tiled and built with many plates and bricks in order to keep it in one-piece will result in quite some weight… Thank you for reading I really hope you enjoy this series and in part 4, which is coming soon, I will show you the building process of the Jedi Archives and the Holocron chamber in more detail.

Julius (TWCProductions)