RebelLUG Collaborations and Contests

Although RebelLUG members are independent creators with huge collections of their own personal creations, as a group we work on collaborations to go bigger and better than we could on our own. If you’re interesting in the MOCs members are building all year long, we recommend you follow @rebellug on Instagram, or follow our members on YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr. These are the RebelLUG collaborations and contests through the years. Click the images to view more.

  • The Laceropes Mission

    Brickworld Chicago and Online 2019

    The Laceropes Mission
  • Grid Wars Contest

    2018 Online

    Grid Wars Contest
  • Thrawn

    2018 Online

  • The Star Wars Zoo

    2018 Brickworld Chicago

    The Star Wars Zoo
  • Solo Contest

    2018 Online

    Solo Contest
  • Bree and Buckleberry Ferry

    2018 På Kloss Hold

    Bree and Buckleberry Ferry
  • Kingdoms at War

    2018 Online

    Kingdoms at War
  • Rogue One Contest

    2017 Online

    Rogue One Contest
  • Son of Dathomir

    2017 Online

    Son of Dathomir
  • Battlefront Contest

    August 2017

    Battlefront Contest
  • The Scarif Tower

    2017 Brickworld Chicago

    The Scarif Tower
  • Order 66

    2017 Online

    Order 66
  • Attack on Ryloth

    2016 Brickworld Chicago

    Attack on Ryloth
  • Clones Alone

    2015 Online

    clones alone thumbnail