Building the Jedi Temple

Part 2– Two Months Later


Finally! After around 1 month of building I finished the grounding for the improved, larger version. Only a few parts of the previous, smaller version were left. Now it was time to build the upper sloped walls and the entrance.

blog picture descriptionIn this picture you can see the stairs going up to the door. In between them one of the statues will be built. I used plates and tiles instead of slopes for the details in front of the pillar. By doing so I gave away some stability but achieved a much cleaner and simpler look. Not a big trade off considering stability isn’t a key factor in this part of the Jedi Temple anyway. When it comes to the entrance, I decided on building a sliding door with red lining in the middle. On the right and left side of the entrance I utilized the SNOT technique to achieve an upright, very thin grey line due to the limited space.

blog picture descriptionAfter some building time I finished the entrance (excluding the sliding door). On the sides I placed sloped dark grey vents. Generally, my main goal was to keep it simple and tidy. Too many little details would’ve been too distracting. The combination of light bluish grey and dark bluish grey is very common in Clone Wars bases, but I believe it does suit the Jedi Temple quite well too.

blog picture descriptionA week later I finished the sliding doors and started working on the interior. I made various prototypes for the pillars to find out what looks best. As you know, the original ones have a complete round shape which is very hard to replicate with Lego. I also had to take the size into account as I wanted to make best use of the available space. This is why I decided on a version with 2 x 2 curved slopes (not in the picture). For the walls I also had various ideas and tried to stay close to the Jedi Temple from Star Wars TCW. However, not too many close ups from the interior are available so I still had plenty of room to be creative. Colours were very important again. For the interior I decided on a mix of mainly light bluish grey and dark tan bricks and tiles in order to stay close to the example.

blog picture descriptionThis picture demonstrates the progress after around 9 weeks. Please keep in mind that those 9 weeks were not filled 24/7 with building;)The symmetrical details on the walls in the back are nearly finished and, in the middle, I tiled the elevated floor with the round pillars - even though I still did not use the 2 x 2 curved slopes due to a “slope shortage”.I hope you enjoyed the read! Part 3 is coming soon

Julius (TWCProductions)