Building the Jedi Temple

Part 1 – The first weeks


When I started building Star Wars themed LEGO MOC’s I mainly relied on my own ideas inspired by the movies and the TV show Star Wars The Clone Wars. However, in recent time I got more and more requests from my viewers to build certain buildings, bases or recreate an iconic battle from Star Wars and so I decided that my audience should vote on what I should build next. The majority voted for the Jedi Temple.

Thankfully, there is a wide range of footage from the original films and the TV series Clone Wars available and so I just had to get the right pieces to build. The first step before building (and one I had to repeat many times) was to order bricks from Bricklink. As I already had a large collection of all kinds of Light Bluish Gray bricks available, especially slopes, I decided on building a light gray Jedi Temple in favor of a dark tan one. Cost of bricks was the deciding factor when making this decision. Dark Tan bricks, especially slopes, are just way too expensive around here to buy them in large quantities and so I didn’t have much of a choice. Plus, I also just really love Light Bluish Gray and so it wasn’t a though decision ;)

However, this does not change the fact that this was going to be a very, very expensive project from the beginning on. Factoring in all the bricks from my collection plus the ones I had to buy for this MOC it probably is my most expensive one yet. This is mainly due to the large number of bricks needed and Light Bluish Gray bricks being relatively expensive when compared to other colors. Just a quick fact: When I started building around 7-8 years ago one 2 x 4 brick in Light Bluish Gray cost around 0,10 €. Nowadays were looking at a cost per brick of around 16-18 cents. An enormous increase in price and without my old bricks I bought when they were “cheap” this whole MOC wouldn’t have been possible.

The first challenge arose when I had to decide on how big the MOC was going to be. I first started building on 3 x 3 green baseplates and put hours of work into it. I went through many hours just debating on how I wanted to build a certain aspect. Whether I should use slopes or tiles for parts of the walls and other little things like this.

blog picture descriptionIn this picture (taken from the first episode of the building series on my YouTube channel) you can see the first progress being made.

blog picture descriptionIn this picture (taken from the third episode of the building series on my YouTube channel) you can see the progress after three weeks. I went from 3 x 3 green baseplates to 4 x 4. Around two weeks of work on the first part of the Jedi Temple weren’t for nothing, but it certainly did cost me too much time.

And after further two weeks and more building I decided to increase the size of the temple again and pushed the outer walls of it further to the right.

blog picture descriptionAs you can see in this picture I went from around 16 studs to 4 studs. This process cost me a few hours of extra time since I’ve already built all the lower outer walls at this point.

However, it was definitely worth it as it significantly increased the size of the interior and made more details inside it possible.

Thank you for reading!

In the next blog posts I’m going to describe the building process of the following weeks in more detail. Stay tuned!

Julius (TWCProductions)