Interview with NS Brick Designs

The seventh episode in the RebelLUG Interview series


1. First of all, who are you and what social media platforms are you found on?

Hi everyone! My name is Nathaniel, but in the LEGO community I mostly go by NS Brick Designs. I’m an American LEGO enthusiast who enjoys inspiring others with my work. My models can be found on my Flickr, Facebook page, Instagram (coming soon!) and my website all under that same alias.

2. Which social media platform is your favorite, or which one do you prefer to visit, and what content do you like to browse and/or produce on each?

I would say, as of right now, my Flickr page is my most active social media site, and the one I visit the most. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily my favorite, but it’s what I was first introduced to when I started building, and the first site I joined in the LEGO community. In terms of what I produce, everything I build is shared on Flickr, with perhaps a few additional shots shared on my Facebook page, and only my favorites on my website. I also enjoy browsing Flickr because of the high quality MOCs that get posted there. There are so many talented builders on that platform that are always inspiring to see and talk to.

3. How long have you been building with LEGO, and how long have you been involved in the LEGO community? Where and when did you start posting online?

I’ve only been actively building with LEGO for 4 years now. My history with LEGO is a bit different than most. I actually hated LEGO as a kid, I couldn’t stand it. I would get a few sets for my birthdays, but would become frustrated because they kept falling apart. It wasn’t until I was in my midteens that I got into LEGO, which started by dumping out all my pieces, and building one structure incorporating every element. Ever since then, I’ve been completely hooked on the creativity I can express with these plastic bricks. In regards to the online community, I’ve been active for about the same time, ever since 2014 when I joined Flickr. Now I’m active with several LUGs and enjoy communicating with other builders from around the world.

4. Where do you draw inspiration? Are there any certain builders or MOCs that inspire you? Or do you get inspired outside of LEGO?

For me, inspiration can come from anywhere. Of course, I’m inspired by my fellow LEGO builders and what they do, but I would say the majority of my inspiration comes from outside of LEGO itself (mostly because of films and television shows that I really enjoy). While there are certain builders that I admire over others, I really can be inspired by anyone or anything.

5. What's your favorite theme or subject to build in? Why do you find it so appealing?

When I first began building, I mostly focused on the castle theme. However, in 2017 I decided to not be based in any one theme. Now, I purely build whatever I desire at the time. I would say that my new favorite theme to build would be sci-fi, whenever I do it. In my opinion, while many people build in this theme, it’s not as saturated or overdone as the castle theme is now, because you can truly do anything you want with sci-fi. You’re only as limited as your imagination.

6. What is your favorite hobby or social activity outside of building? How do you spend your time outside of the LEGO realm?

Outside of the LEGO community, I am currently studying to receive my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I hope to work in trauma care or the operating room. I’m also an Eagle Scout, the highest award in the Boy Scouts of America program. I enjoy being outside camping, shooting and overall just being an adventurous outdoorsman.

7. What are your favorites (music, movies, books, etc.)?

I truly enjoy many movies and franchises – I’m fairly diverse with my interest in movies – but my overall favorite is definitely Star Wars. It’s always been a big part of my life, and I enjoy everything about it. Similarly, with books, I ready any Star Wars book I can get my hands on, but I also enjoy other series such as: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Ranger’s Apprentice, etc.). With music, I listen to many different bands, but my favorite genre is metal. My favorite group is Breaking Benjamin, with their unique and amazing sound (and they’re also good guys outside of the band).

8. What's an aspect of the LEGO community that you would want to change?

I find that many people in the community take it too seriously, and that it can sometimes be more focused on popularity. Everything that we build shouldn’t be about being the best, or about getting more followers, but rather it should be focused on creating something you are proud of, and something that you hope inspires other people around the world to unleash their inner creativity. Followers, views, and likes are just that – numbers. They have no real significance at the end of the day. What really matters is the impact you make on someone else. I hope to see more people building models that they enjoy, and that inspire others, rather than just worrying about getting their next 100 followers.

9. What is your favorite MOC that you’ve built? Or the one you’re most proud of?

Oh, boy...a favorite MOC? That’s the hardest question asked here! I honestly can’t pick a favorite, I truly like too many of the models I’ve built. As an example of one I’m rather proud of, it would be my “The Geszyner,” a custom spaceship built for SHIPtember 2018. It’s total length is roughly 124 studs, weighing in around 3 pounds, and took me about 4 weeks to complete. It’s my favorite spaceship I’ve built so far, I can say that much. I’m rather fond of the overall design, the colors, and the amount of detailing I was able to pack into this model.

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10. Do all your friends/family know you build with LEGO as a hobby? Or is it something that has never come up in a conversation?

My LEGO hobby is certainly well known to my family and friends. My direct family members and closest friends are my biggest supporters. It’s even known among my college professors what I do with LEGO. It’s certainly not something that I keep to myself, or mind talking about with others. Why should it be? I’m very proud of what I do, and I would hope others are as well! Thank you all for reading! Creativity never ends.

Nathaniel (NS Brick Designs)