Finding and Joining a LUG

Tips on locating and joing LEGO User Groups


Around three years ago I joined LUGOLA, the LEGO User Group of Los Angeles. Since then I’ve been to a lot fun events and meetings, while also meeting some other builders. I even recently made a video partly about a LUG meeting I went to: link here. After my great experience I always encourage other fans to try and join LUG. This opens up a lot of avenues for collaboration in group activities you wouldn’t regularly be able to do if you weren’t at a much bigger convention or already knew some other FOLs. The extensive possibilities could range from huge collaborative MOCs to simply parts drafts. In this video from Brickworld RebelLUG did it’s own parts draft, and here is a picture of our actual collaboration. Now we really counting down till next year.

The original reason RebelLUG came into reality was so we had something to call ourselves when we wanted to do a big project together. Clones Alone was originally a story based MOC series just between us as friends, but soon turned into “RebelLUG’s first collaboration.” Now approaching two years later we have certainly expanded and formed an actual identity. Along with adding over a dozen incredible new members we now get to work with.

Now although the Internet is a huge place with lots of potential friends and fellow builders, finding a local geographic LUG has it’s own set of inherent benefits, like I explained with LUGOLA earlier. And lucky for us, there’s a wonderful world-wide map of every recognized LUG, by location. Check it out here. Now if you’re still having trouble, or maybe what’s local to you isn’t recognized yet, a simple Google search might suffice. And if all else fails, if this hermit group exists, conventions within the general area or state might lead you to them. But finally, if you’re totally positive nothing’s out there, you can take the massive undertaking of founding a LUG for your area.

Depending on the group, joining could be more complicated than the next. While some are more casual and just through their website you can email someone to get the information you need to join either their forum or just start coming to meetings, RebelLUG has an application form (linked here.)

I really hope this helped you in your quest in finding some fellow local LEGO fans if you haven’t discovered a LUG yet. You can ask any questions you have in the comments below.